13 Best Restaurants in Melbourne, FL - Birch Restaurant | Local Restaurants to Eat (2023)

Whether you’re traveling for work or exploring new places near your house, you should know about thebest restaurants in Melbourne, FL. With so many different and exciting places to choose from, thereis something to fit your tastes and budget at any time.

However, it can be difficult to find the right restaurant for your particular situation. To help you find the restaurant that fits your needs, we’ve combed through lists of Melbourne restaurants in order to bring you the best.

We looked at price points, menu options, and customer reviews. We also considered the unique aspects of different places, like location or special events. Here are some great places for you to check out next time you’re in Melbourne.

1.La Crepe de France

$$ | (321) 837-3760 | WEBSITE

13 Best Restaurants in Melbourne, FL - Birch Restaurant | Local Restaurants to Eat (1)

La Crepe de France is an ideal place to relax over breakfast or brunch. With a focus on farm fresh, high-quality ingredients, every meal is sure to satisfy you. If you have a sweet tooth, they have an assortment of crepes to choose from, including options with fresh berries or strawberries drizzled with Nutella.

For those who prefer a savory brunch, try the La Benedicte or La Sausage Tomato crepes to get a salty, satisfying meal. With a comfortable, homestyle atmosphere and delicious foods, it’s perfect for a weekend brunch.

2.Hemingway’s Tavern

$$ | (321) 802-9648 | WEBSITE

Want to eat like a famous author for a night? Hemingway’s Tavern is inspired by the favorite foods and haunts of Nobel Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway. The bar is designed after Hemingway’s famous boat The Pilar, with rich wood furnishings.

The menu changes frequently, but it echoes Hemingway’s world travels and favorite places. Try Papa’s Cuban, the signature sandwich. It has mojo pork, shaved ham, and other ingredients on an authentic Cuban bread. If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, Ernest’s Rib Platter is sure to satisfy you!


$$ | (321) 837-3925 | WEBSITE

13 Best Restaurants in Melbourne, FL - Birch Restaurant | Local Restaurants to Eat (2)

Backwater combines the trendiness of brunch with the comfort of Southern cooking. Get breakfast or supper at any time of day. Filling, comforting meals include the Grilled Mac and Cheese and Country Fried Porkchop. Or, if you’re feeling sweet, build your own pancake.

Choose from a variety of pancake batters, including a gluten-free option. Then add on whatever toppings you want. With such varied options, Backwater is perfect for a family meal or work lunch.

4.Meg O’Malley’s Restaurant and Irish Pub

$$ | (321) 952-5510 | WEBSITE

Meg O’Malley’s offers traditional pub fare in a warm and welcoming environment. Stay for live music or enjoy special events like Oktoberfest. For supper, consider a filling shepherd’s pie or chicken and chips meal.

If you’re with friends, there are plenty of appetizers to share with the table. Highlights include the potato balls and the cheese and ale crock. Pair your meal with a beer from their carefully curated selection!

5.Ember & Oak

$$$$ | (321) 722-6285 | WEBSITE

For upscale, trendy dining, Ember & Oak has everything you need. Perfect for a date or business dinner, the restaurant has a fashionable, yet comfortable dining room with an attentive staff that is ready to care for you.

Enjoy the Signature Steakhouse Experience for two to three people. Or go a la carte, selecting your own steak from their many options. For those who don’t want steak, they have decadent seafood options, as well as a variety of sharable sides. Ember & Oak is exciting and traditional, providing the ideal upscale dining experience.

6.Ichabod’s Bar & Grille

$$ | (321) 952-9532 | WEBSITE

Craving seafood? Get fresh seafood in a gorgeous location at Ichabod’s Bar & Grille. With its dockside location, you can look out over the ocean as you enjoy its bounty. Try the New England Clam Chowder for a starter, with its creamy base and juicy clams.

For your meal, you can choose from a number of different wraps, burgers, and plates. While the menu is primarily seafood, you can also get other types of entrees, making Ichabod’s perfect for a family meal.

7.Frigate’s Waterfront Bar and Grille

$$$ | (321) 306-3800 | WEBSITE

Frigate’s is an upscale, yet casual bar on the Eau Gallie River. Visit by car or boat and enjoy the tropical ambiance of the space. The menu is a blend of American and Caribbean influences, with plenty of steak and seafood options to choose from.

If you’re visiting for dinner, look through the selection of steaks, as well as their more casual handheld options. Frigate’s also offers a decadent Sunday brunch, which includes all the brunch standards, as well as a sushi station. For those who are looking to celebrate a special occasion, Frigate’s is a great option.

8.The Burger Place

$ | (321) 676-8914 | WEBSITE

13 Best Restaurants in Melbourne, FL - Birch Restaurant | Local Restaurants to Eat (3)

When you want a cheap, good meal, The Burger Place has what you need. The location is a comfortable little burger joint, with a counter and booths to choose from. Choose from various traditional diner offerings, like burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

The food is good, the price is right, and the atmosphere is fun. Stop in for a quick lunch or bring your family! They also offer takeout, making it a great choice for a busy work day.


9.Squid Lips Overwater Bar & Grille

$$ | (321) 259-3101 | WEBSITE

13 Best Restaurants in Melbourne, FL - Birch Restaurant | Local Restaurants to Eat (4)

Squid Lips is a fun, exciting local place that offers fresh seafood right on the water. Lounge in their tropical outdoor areas and choose from their eclectic menu. The options include standard grille options with a focus on seafood. So while there are cheeseburgers and grilled chicken available, you can also branch out and try the crab burger.

Or visit the raw bar and indulge in shrimp and oysters. Not only is Squid Lips a local institution, but they also do a lot of work with local charities. So you can feel good that you’re supporting a worthy cause as you enjoy your supper.

10.The Salty Fox

$ | (321) 425-5453 | WEBSITE

13 Best Restaurants in Melbourne, FL - Birch Restaurant | Local Restaurants to Eat (5)

Enjoy a quirky, welcoming atmosphere at The Salty Fox. With its eclectic decor and social vibes, you’ll feel right at home. The menu includes fun takes on traditional bar food, with a variety of sliders, wings, and paninis.

With good food and a sharp sense of humor, this is a great place to come with friends. Split some appetizers, like the chips & queso or cookie dough dip, and just enjoy the vibes.

11.Crush XI

$$$$ | (321) 312-6067 | WEBSITE

13 Best Restaurants in Melbourne, FL - Birch Restaurant | Local Restaurants to Eat (6)

Crush XI serves high-quality, upscale food in a rustic, trendy environment. Enjoy warm, satisfying options like the Brunch Burger or the Chicken, Artichoke, and Mushroom Fettuccine, all taken up a notch to make them even more exciting.

Or, get some shareable plates like the Medjool Dates or the Three Milk Fried Cheese. With carefully chosen farmhouse decor and spectacular service, this is a great way to add some luxury to a special occasion.

12.The Dove III

$$ | (321) 725-3683 | WEBSITE

13 Best Restaurants in Melbourne, FL - Birch Restaurant | Local Restaurants to Eat (7)

For homestyle Southern Italian food in Melbourne, you’re going to want to go to The Dove III. With a heritage looking back to the original Dove in 1890s Naples, The Dove III has the bonafides to give you authentic, delicious meals that your whole family will love.

Entrees include classics like Medallions of Filet Mignon Marsala, Shrimp Scampi, and Linguini Clam Sauce. Come here for a comfortable family meal or a romantic date night.

13.The Roots

$$$ | (321) 220-0636 | WEBSITE

The Roots is ready to serve you breakfast, lunch, or brunch. With its intimate dining room and attentive service, there is no better way to start your day. The menu is simple, but the food is high-quality. Try the French Toast with whipped topping and powdered sugar.

Or go savory with one of the breakfast sandwiches, like the Chicken Biscuits option. If you’re feeling indulgent, make sure you try the Breakfast Poutine. The Roots is only open for breakfast and lunch, which means they put all their effort into making it the best experience you can get.

Final Thoughts

Exploring thebest restaurants in MelbourneFL can open you up to a world of new experiences. There are so many different options, all of which have their own unique benefits. Next time you’re looking for a place to eat, whether alone or with others, keep this list handy. It will help you find the perfect restaurant to fit your needs.

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