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No one knows about New York City’s Instagrammable restaurants better than a millennial Instagram user, who also happens to live here. Yes, that would be me.

In this post, we will introduce you to some of the most beautiful NYC restaurants, from stylish cocktail bars to upscale French bistros, where you can take that perfect shot showing again and again in your Instagram feed.

If you’re a foodie more than an Instagrammer, you will love this list too. We gave recommendations on what to order at each restaurant, so you can enjoy delicious food while snapping beautiful shots.

1: Daniel (French, $$$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (2)

Tucked away on the Upper East Side, on 60th street between Park and Madison, Daniel is one of the fifteen restaurants owned and managed by Chef Daniel Boulud.

This Michelin two-star restaurant features contemporary, seasonal French cuisine in a setting that combines striking neoclassical architecture with elegant modern furnishings.

The menu here is a symphony of the seasons, inspired by the traditions of French culinary heritage. You can enjoy a four-course prix-fixe for $158 or a seven-course tasting menu for $250. There are also wine pairings available with a price of $82 or $142 for dinner and $135 or $225 for the tasting menu.

Our favorites are Flet, Ormeau, St.Pierre, Bison, Lapin, and Cacahuete and Poire for desserts. Also, their cocktails are delicious and very Instagram-worthy!

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2: Roman And Williams Guild (French, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (3)

This restaurant slash home goods store from Roman and Williams, a New York City-based interior design firm, will invite you into a place where you can indulge in delicious French fares and pursue fancy home decors.

The concept of mixing food and furniture, according to the principal designers, is to mimic the feeling of walking into a home or dinner party. It should be cozy, beautiful, fun, and refined.

3: The Modern (French & New American, $$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (4)

Located on the first floor of MoMA, The Modern is a two-star Michelin restaurant that overlooks the sculpture garden of the Museum. Here, floral arrangements adorn the restaurant interior, and the floor-to-15-foot-ceiling windows allow diners to feel surrounded by the lush gardens and large sculptures.

The dinner at The Modern is a 6-course menu with two transitional courses. You choose what you want for appetizers, main courses, and desserts, and the chef will take care of the rest for you.

Price-wise, it is $188 per person for dinner and $133 for wine pairings. The good part is that it is a non-tipping restaurant, which means you pay the amount you see from the menu plus tax.

Our favorites are Eggs on Eggs on Eggs, Hamachi Tartare, Sautéed Halibut, Pork Chops, and the free desserts that come at the end of the course.

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4: NOMO Soho (New American, $$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (5)

If you are looking for a brunch spot with a beautiful ambiance and delicious bites, go to NOMO SoHo, a chic hotel with an outdoor restaurant that is a 3-minute walk from the Canal St. subway station.

Before stepping into the restaurant, you will first walk through an archway beautifully decorated with seasonal plants, flowers, and fairy lights, which makes it the sought-after spot for many Instagrammers.

An insider’s tip: you don’t have to eat there to access this beautiful walk. 😬

5: Gabriel Kreuther (French, $$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (6)

My pal brought me to Gabriel Kreuther in 2020 to celebrate my 27th birthday. The founder,Chef Gabriel, combines his masterful classic French training and his love of New York City to create an invitingly luxurious dining experience in the heart of Manhattan.

Through a secret door along west 42nd street, you will walk into a chic, airy dining room with salvaged wood beams and a crane crystal chandelier. If you are lucky to get one of the seats near the windows, you will be dining with a beautiful view of Bryant Park.

Here, a four-course prix-fixe costs $155, while the chef’s tasting menu with four options ranges from $105 to $235. Nothing can go wrong, so order however you’re in the mood for. Your meal will start with a basket of classic Austrian Gugelhupf and a light sponge-like cake flecked with raisins and citrus.

Our favorites are Langoustine Tartare, Seared Sullivan County Foie Gras, Sturgeon & Sauerkraut Tart, Farro Crusted Black Bass, and Decadent Chocolate Caramel for dessert. They also offer free yet delicious appetizers before each course.

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6: Pietro Nolita(Italian, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (7)

If you want to add some pink to your Instagram feed, this little Italian restaurant snuggled in Nolita is the spot for you.

Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations, so there’s always a wait. But, you can take photos with the pink bench or wall outside while waiting or any time you want.

An insider’s tip: you don’t have to eat there to access this beautiful walk. 😬

7: Asiate (Modern American, $$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (8)

Snuggled in the 5-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Asiate offers delicious and elegant modern American cuisine that deserves at least one Michelin star. Chef Mazen Mustafa and his team innovate on the traditional American fare while adding an artistic touch to every dish.

It is the first Michelin restaurant we went to and an affordable one. One appetizer, one main course, and one dessert, along with a cocktail, would cost you anywhere between $100 and $150, excluding tips. Everything on the menu is delicious.

If you are lucky to get one of the seats near the glass windows, you will be dining with a breathtaking view overlooking Central Park and that legendary Manhattan skyline.

Also, magenta booths and matching centerpieces on each table add a bit of whimsy to the space. The service is understated, but always professional.

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8: Gallow Green (Continental, $$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (9)

If you want to escape that city hustle and heatwave, look no further than Gallow Green, a verdant, vintage train station-inspired rooftop bar tucked in the McKittrick Hotel.

Your experience at the restaurant will start with a creepy elevator ride and a walk down a dark and mysterious hallway as you pass by a bunch of stuff that makes up the Sleep No More experience.

Then, you will enter into a beautiful dining hall grown with trees, flowers, and gardens where the restaurant folks get the greens from. The food is delicious but a little pricey for the small plates.

Our favorites are their Fried Chicken and Smoked Salmon.

9: Tavern On The Green (American, $$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (10)

You will find this Instagrammable restaurant in Central Park along Central Park West at 66th street, which was built in 1870 to house the sheep that grazed in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow.

It reopened in 2014 with a new design and menu that harkens back to the original landmark featuring warm, celebratory dining spaces, seasonal American fare, classic cocktails, and a sweeping view of Central Park.

Over the years, this hidden gem has served locals, presidents, royalty, artists, actors, and visitors around the globe. The best time to visit is after sunset when its outdoor space comes alive with hundreds of thousands of fairy lights.

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10: Citizens of Chelsea (Australian Cafe, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (11)

Located in the Greenwich Village nightclub district, this minimalist coffee shop offers mouthwatering Australian food and a beautiful backdrop for some Instagrammable photos.

A fun fact about this place is that you can almost find every color in the rainbow, from vibrant plates of beetroot hummus toast, Nutella, and fresh fruit-topped waffles to avocado toast.

The space is clean and bright, and the service is friendly. It is an excellent place to go for a quick lunch or catch up with a friend.

An insider’s tip: Like with any popular spot in Manhattan, there’s almost always a wait here. But, Citizens of Chelsea has a waitlist option on Yelp, so be sure to add your names to this ahead of time, which helps minimize the wait upon arrival.

11: While We Were Young (New American, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (12)

If Instagram ever opened a restaurant, it would look pretty much like Greenwich Village’s While We Were Young. This bright contemporary American restaurant features powder pink banquette seating, baby-blue bar stools, and marble tabletops, which very few people can resist the temptation not to leave a few pictures with.

Also, don’t forget the rose petals. There’s one on every coaster and enough beside the bathroom sink to go back in time and ask your friends to come and enjoy!

In addition to the chic and feminine decor, the restaurant’s cocktails and food are surprisingly pleasant. Plus, they are very colorful and Instagram-worthy. The locals also fancy their bunch menu, so come on a weekend and prepare to get stuffed and tipsy.

12: Spot Dessert Bar (Dessert, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (13)

Spot Dessert Bar was my go-to spot for sweets when I was in graduate school. Though a bit far from where I lived, I didn’t mind being on the train for 30 minutes and waiting for another hour in the cold, just to have a bite of their treats.

Tugged in a pre-war residential building, this tiny, exquisite dessert spot (also its name) is best known for its inventive and delicious desserts.

The most creative also, our favorite is The Harvest. From the outside, it looks like one of your house plants, but in fact, it’s a mix of nine different sweet layers, including Oreo crumbs, strawberries, whipped cream, more berries, and Oreo “topsoil.” Parsley then gets planted in the soil, which you will be watering with the milky rose tea served on the side.

In addition, their Chestnut Butterscotch, Golden Toast, and Matcha Lava are good and worth trying as well.

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13: Panna II Garden (Indian, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (14)

(Video) The BEST Cheap Eats in NEW YORK CITY ($5 Chinatown Food Guide)

If you are looking for a spot to spice up your holiday spirit, look no further than this small Indian restaurant in East Village.

Here, you will walk into a world of hundreds of glittering string lights and where every day is Christmas.

However, the food here isn’t as surprising as their decors, but it’s still a spot worth checking out, especially if you want some epic photos to upgrade your social media game or have a unique dining experience.

14: Seamore’s (Seafood, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (15)

A trip to Seamore’s is like that beach vacation you have dreamed of for years. At this bright, casually beautiful seafood shack, plates of crispy pollock and guacamole tacos and blackened-fish burgers will bring you back again and gain.

Best of all, Seamore’s uses 100% sustainable fish, so you can feel good while feasting.

Our favorite on the menu is The Reel Deal. You can choose one piece of fish from the three or so that will be available that day, and a sauce to accompany it. It will arrive at your table in a bowl, atop some side vegetables and soba noodles. It is indeed a great deal!

15: Grand Salon at Baccarat Hotel (Afternoon Tea, $$$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (16)

If you are a tea person, you will love this place. Nestled in the main lobby of the Baccarat Hotel, the Grand Salon serves some of the best teas you will find in the city.

Plus, the place is extremely beautiful as it is taken out of a movie set, featuring huge Baccarat glass chandeliers, plenty of sculptures, and decorative pieces. On top is a mix of modern and classic furniture and fresh red roses everywhere.

The service is friendly and fast. In addition to tea, our favorites here are their Filet Mignon with Fries, Lobster Salad as well as Creme Brûlée and Tropical Paris Brest for dessert.

16: Thai Villa (Thai, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (17)

Located at 19th Street in Union Square, Thai Villa is spacious, impressive, and a little dreamlike, featuring a bunch of lamps and candles and a full tree’s worth of gold leaves hanging from the ceiling.

While it’s always nice to snap some epic shots of or with the shiny gold things, the real reason you come here is for the food.

Some of our favoritesare their fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and tapioca dumplings filled with minced pork. And don’t forget to get an iced Thai tea to cool off if you visit on hot summer days.

17: Ernesto’s (Basque, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (18)

If you’re looking for a restaurant that looks like it is taken from a classic movie, this is a great spot to hit!

Located on the corner of Lower East Side, Manhattan, Ernesto’s features exposed brick, leather-cushioned chairs, a sweeping marble bar, and a Basque-based menu. The seasonal dish changes daily, but this chic scene thankfully won’t.

This is a great spot for a drink and some snacks, and usual picks include Gildas Con Atun (skewers with sweet and spicy peppers, green olives, and gorgeous anchovies,) Piquillos Rellenos (duck-stuffed peppers,) and Paleta Iberico Con Chips (potato chips with Iberico ham on top,) and mille-feuille and/or the crispy torrijas for desserts.

18: Goodman’s Bar (French, $$)

If you’re planning a shopping trip to Bergdorf Goodman in midtown, don’t forget to check out Goodman’s Bar, a stylish bistro on the second floor of the store.

This glamorous escape features Michelin starred chef Austin Johnson and former Eleven Madison Park wine director Dustin Wilson, along with gorgeous interiors and a hand-painted mural designed in partnership with de Gournay.

There is also a sweeping marble bar inside where you can order aNegroniand bar snacks like Beef Tartare or Chicken Liver Mousse while pretending to be the kind of person who does this kind of thing a lot.

19: Portale (Italian, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (20)

Designed by INC Architecture & Design, this sleek space in Chelsea makes use of raw material including limed whitewashed reclaimed timber, bleached white oak, and more.

If you’re looking for a great spot to snap some impressive photos, this is where you should be!

The menu features crowd-pleasing options like burrata, house-made pasta, and dry-aged steak. But you shouldn’t go to this big Italian spot if you are looking for excellent food. Their blowfish tails and short rib lumache are great, but everything else is a little bit forgettable.

20: Soho Diner (American, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (21)

If you think diners are just a place to jam yourself with cheap food in a lousy setting, you are dreadfully wrong. This 24-hour spot at the Soho Grand, with its trendy look, is sure to change your perception and lend your Instagram feed some nostalgic charm.

Here, you will find salmon pink booths, a coin-operated Crosley Vinyl Jukebox, and a yellow Formica counter, which all seem to be there for decades.

Best of all, the diner opens 24-hour. So, the next time you’re craving pancakes at 2:00 AM, try Soho Diner. Plus, they serve breakfast all day along with diner classics like milkshakes and disco fries for any time of the day.

21: Canary Club (Cajun, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (22)

Established by Ryan Chadwick and his wife, interior designer Emily Frantz, Canary Club is a restaurant, lounge, and music venue that boasts a vintage, New Orleans-inspired vibe.

As its name suggests, this space features a bold color palette of wild canaries. It’s a great place to hang out with friends or a first date.

If you aren’t in the mood for meals, head to the live music lounge downstairs, which has performances Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 PM until 4:00 AM. You can call them to reserve a spot.

22: Verōnika (Swedish, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (23)

If there will be ever an Oscars ceremony for restaurants, Verōnika will be, for sure, on the nomination list.

Even if you aren’t a big fan of Eastern European food, the room, which features portraits of powerful women, little Bauhaus-style lamps, and high ceilings, alone could make your night.

However, it’s the food that makes this place stand out. The menu is curated by Executive Chef Robert Aikens, featuring indulgent fare which pays homage to old-world Eastern Europe. Top picks include a bowl of porky borscht, lamb goulash over some nicely chewy spätzle, as well as a black cod dish with a lemony beurre blanc sauce.

23: Llama San (Japanese-French, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (24)


Located in the West Village of Manhattan, Llama San is a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant from the people behind Llama Inn, a Peruvian restaurant in Williamsburg.

You will walk into a space that is about the size of a one-bedroom apartment, and with its soft lighting, cream-colored walls, and affluence-scented candle, you feel like you are in a wellness retreat.

However, the main reason to hit Llama San, in addition to snapping some Instagrammable photos, is to try their Peruvian-Japanese cuisine known as Nikkei, which is gorgeous, as is the zen, muted space.

24: Hutong (Chinese, $$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (25)

Interestingly, you won’t find the famous narrow alley here, which is part of the traditional courtyard residences in Beijing, but delicious Chinese dishes and a stunning setting.

Since opening its doors in July 2019, this Hong Kong-based restaurant has quickly become one of the most glamorous restaurants to see and be seen. However, unlike other flashy stores in the area, you can’t just window shop at Hutong. But if you have money to burn, you’ll have a good meal here.

The massive eatery boasts a sprawling dining room and bar space, separated by a very Instagrammable walk-through wine cellar, and they are both filled with gilded touches inspired by the Art Deco architecture of 1920s New York and Shanghai.

Please note that outside of the dim sum, most dishes don’t live up to their high price tags. So, if you just want to snap some epic photos, don’t order too much.

25: Flipper’s (Japanese Pancake, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (26)

This dessert pop-up in SoHo has drawn long lines since opening. Their signature is the small, circular, and puffy Japanese pancake dressed in a cloud of heavy cream whipped with butter and maple syrup.

When it first opened in 2019, we went there twice but couldn’t get in due to the long wait. However, a few days before Christmas, we happened to walk by and were surprised to get in with no waiting.

Flipper’s has two floors. The first floor is a dining counter and a carryout division that has not yet been revved up. The second floor is a comparatively more luxurious room, featuring bare bricks, yellow neon, and yellow flowers on every table.

Their signature item, to no one’s surprise, is the pancake of various toppings and flavors. Some popular ones areMatcha Flipper’s Pancake,Blueberry Cream Cheese Pancake,Lemon Ricotta Pancake with Meringue, andMatcha Pancake.

26: Robert inside The Museum of Arts and Design (New American, $$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (27)

In addition to Asiate, Robert, atop the Museum of Arts and Design, is another great spot to enjoy amazing views over the city while sipping on delicious cocktails.

For those who’re lucky, you will get to sit near the windows that overlooks the Columbus Circle roundabout or the entire Central Park, which is especially gorgeous during summer or fall. Be sure to ask for one of these tables to snap your best shots!

If you didn’t get the window seat upon arriving, that’s ok, as once one of them gets emptied, you can ask your server and take it.

27: R Lounge in the Renaissance Hotel (American, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (28)

Times Square,with its bright lights, Broadway marquis, crowds of people, honking horns, yellow taxis, and street performers, will give you a hustle introduction to the city that never sleeps.

One of the best ways to appreciate what this famous crossroads has to offer is from above.

There are many hidden bars and restaurants in Times Square that allow you to do so. Our favorite spot is the R Lounge in the Renaissance Hotel, which offers incredible views of the bright lights and yellow cabs the Big Apple is famous for.

28: Bar SixtyFive at the Rainbow Room (American, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (29)

Located on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Center, the Rainbow Room is a cocktail lounge, offering top-tier drinks, small plates, and a stunning view of New York City.

It is an excellent complement to a visit to Top of the Rock or as an alternative if you would like to sip on cocktails while enjoying the views.

The bar has an outdoor terrace which requires a minimum spend of $65. However, it isn’t difficult to achieve in NYC due to the high price of cocktails here, which starts at $15 per glass!

As this is a pretty popular place, be sure to reserve a table in advance so you can snap that epic photo.

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29: 1803 NYC (Cajun-Creole, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (30)

You will be transported to New Orleans’s French Quarter as you walk into 1803 NYC in Tribeca.

This vibrant restaurant features gorgeous wallpapers, a New Orleans based menu, and warm, southern decors, with white wrought iron around a balcony where a great band plays at just the right volume.

We especially enjoy their Cajun Chicken and Jambalaya, while dishes like Gumbo, Blackened Catfish Sandwich, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Coconut or Lime Pies are also there to die for.

Also, our bartender is fun and knowledgeable, and she steers us to all of the best dishes here and hasn’t missed once. I hope you will meet her during your visit.

  • An insider’s tip: Their portions are generous. So, you might want to bring along a friend or two to share the delicious burden.

30: Shuka (Mediterranean, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (31)

Located on the western side of SoHo, in the space that used to be Hundred Acres, Shuka is a hidden gem with beautiful tropical vibes and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Your Instagrammable journey will start right at the doors which are painted in a vibrant ocean blue.

Some of our favorite dishes are theirSteak Kabob,Chicken Schnitzel, and the pinkBeets Hummus, which you might find endearing. It’s the food everyone will want to eat, and, best of all, it tastes good.

Additionally, portions are pretty big, and with most dishes under $20.

31: 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar (Bar, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (32)

If you want to pair your food with great cocktails and amazing views of the Empire State Building, this is the place for you!

One of many things that folks like about 230 & 5th Ave bar, in addition to its delicious chocolate alcoholic drinks, is those colorfully lit igloos at the rooftop in winter.

When the cold night falls, grab a red blanket at the rooftop entrance and nest yourself nicely in these balls, sipping on hot drinks and enjoying the Empire State building in the distance. Not to mention snapping some great shots.

(Video) Katherine's Cafe Review

Is the blanket not enough to keep you warm? They also have these fireplace-like heaters inside the igloos to maintain your comfort.

32: Cafe Medi (Mediterranean, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (33)

Located in the East Village of Manhattan, Cafe Medi is a Mediterranean restaurant that features seasonal foods inspired by the traditional coastal dishes of Spain, Italy, and France.

The highlight of Cafe Medi, in addition to its delicious offerings, is the bright and spacious main dining room, which contains probably the most beautiful tiled mural wall you will ever find in the city!

Some of our favorite dishes here are La Estrella, scallops, burgers, Fluke Ceviche Meat balls, and many more. Also, don’t forget to try their German wine, which is out of this world.

33: Sisters (New American, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (34)

We rarely leave Manhattan, but when we do, it’s for great restaurants like Sisters, not to mention its gorgeous interiors that will guarantee you tons of Instagrammable shots.

Unlike some restaurants in Brooklyn that seem to come out of the same template, the Sisters space is genuinely unusual and beautiful, from the ceilings to the black brick walls to the massive white wood and marble bar that takes up the front room. And during the day, there’s a huge skylight that lets in tons of natural light.

Some of our favorites are Fried Chicken Sandwich, Mac And Cheese, Hangar Steak Kebab, Grilled Kale Salad, and many more.

34: Le Coucou (French, $$$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (35)

Walking into this beautiful Parisian restaurant will immediately transport you to Paris. Le Coucou features white tablecloths, tall windows, candles on every table, a menu full of complicated French dishes with names you might not always recognize.

Designed by Roman and Williams, a New York City-based interior design firm, Le Coucou also has a stunning bar that would make for the perfect shot.

35: Upland (new American, $$$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (36)

If you’re looking for some New American dishes inside a beautiful restaurant, head to Upland near the Flatiron Building.

You will get the real New York vibe here. The place is fun and full of energy. The dining room has high ceilings, hardwood floors, and blue-and-white checked tablecloths that make you think of sunshine and fresh-cut grass. There is also a shelf of jars of lemon and bottles of wine and glassware on display, overlooking the dining room.

Upland is a great place to eat when it first opened in 2014, but now the glow has worn off, and the food has taken a slight dip. That said, Upland is less of a must-visit and more of a generically classy option for when you’re planning an important group dinner and want to please as many people as possible.

Despite this, there are a few dishes that we like, such asCalifornia BEC,Whole Crispy Mushroom,Eggs and Tortillas, andSmoked Long Island Duck. Their entrees aren’t as stable as pizzas or smaller plates. Also, the portion is huge, so order smartly!

36: Eggloo (Dessert, $$)

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (37)

For a while back in 2017, this elaborate Hong Kong dessert dominated my social media feeds, showing up in every story I watched on Instagram. Well, it deserved the spotlight. It is delicious, beautiful, and of a great portion, even good for two to share (if you don’t mind, I know we would not 😉)

Your sweet journey will start in a tiny store on the second floor of a residential building (we were even wondering if we went to the wrong place) and step up the counter to choose from a variety of ingredients to customize your Eggloo.

This beautiful dessert combines authentic traditional Hong Kong egg waffles with your favorite flavors of ice cream and a variety of sugary toppers. The texture of the waffles is crispy on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside. It pairs perfectly with the creamy and refreshing ice cream.

37: Papillon Bistro & Bar

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (38)

Located in East Midtown’s bustling neighborhood, Papillon first got our attention with its beautiful floral decorations. Inside, the ground floor bar area and terrace offer a full menu in a light, casual atmosphere, with a large selection of domestic and imported beer, wine, and seasonal cocktails.

The second-floor bar and restaurant provide a fine dining experience fitting for all occasions, from corporate events to private dinner parties, without losing the restaurant’s familiar neighborhood bistro element.

If you’re in town during Christmas, also be sure to stop by and enjoy their majestic Christmas decorations, and you won’t regret it.

Alright, these are some of the most Instagrammable restaurants we have tried and would recommend to every visitor or even New Yorkers themselves. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list.

Which one do you want to visit coming out of the quarantine? If you have any questions or know any other beautiful restaurants that deserve to be included here, leave a comment below!

35+ Most Instagrammable Restaurants in New York City | Marco Feng (39)

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  • #5. Masa. #5. Masa. ...
  • #6. Caffe Reggio. #6. Caffe Reggio. ...
  • #7. Standard Grill. #7. Standard Grill. ...
  • #8. Aces. #8. Aces.


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