9 Vegetables That You Can freeze without blanching | Food Preserving Tips (2023)

As a general rule Vegetables that you can freeze without Blanching are Carrots broccoli, leafy greens, string beans, okra, and asparagus.

Foods Questions

Foods Questions

Frozen vegetables without blanching are safe to eat, but their color, texture, and flavor are off. Its taste almost changes and in some cases, its taste became bitter and most vegetables become colorless.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the best ways you can freeze these vegetables without balancing and keep the good taste So Stay Tuned!

Freeze vegetables without blanching

Regardless you need anything new from your nonexclusive supper menu or are consolidating a particular flavor to your custom-made cooking styles, you should simply open the cooler and snatch a frozen vegetable of your decision.

To freeze vegetables is a time is taken and drawn-out task that requires blanching the vegetables and exposing them to frigid temperatures for a characterized measure of time.

Are you able to freeze vegetables without the blanching procedure? I gathered information from dependable sources to assist with clearing the disarray unequivocally.

Indeed, you can freeze vegetables without blanching them.

Blanching is an interaction of freezing vegetables by which the different vegetables are set in bubbling water or steamed for a brief time frame.

Blanching assumes a critical part in saving and holding the nature of the greens; nonetheless, this interaction isn’t generally essential for a wide range of vegetables.

Indeed, even while you don’t need to whiten several vegetables before freezing them, do we suggest the rejection of this interaction?

Continue perusing to learn all that there is to think about freezing vegetables.

There are the following vegetables here with the procedure.


9 Vegetables That You Can freeze without blanching | Food Preserving Tips (1)

You can freeze new carrots with or without blanching. A few specialists say that the supplements are better safeguarded if you whiten them, yet you can truly go in any case.

It all depends on you. if you want to freeze small carrots then freeze them in other distinct ways, the way of freezing them is different from mature carrots.

Freezing Carrots Without Blanching

If you’ve chosen to support saving time over the to some degree pointless interaction of blanching your carrots, here are how to freeze them without the problem:

Wash and clean carrots and afterward wipe them off. cut their top and bottoms carefully. Child carrots shouldn’t be fully cut.

Cut into wanted sizes.

Complete a pre-freeze measure by spreading the carrots out on a preparing sheet and permitting them to freeze like this for around 24 hours.

Move the carrots into cooler sacks or compartments in wanted bits.

Name, date, and seal all bundling.

The two cycles are straightforward and both are successful. Everything relies upon your inclinations and whether you need to move everything simultaneously or whether you will return a day to wrap up.

Freezing Carrots With Blanching

While you can decide to skip blanching your carrots, here’s the way to freeze your carrots without blanching, on the off chance that you choose to whiten them in any case:

Flush new carrots and remove any stems or greens on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to cut the carrots down in equal sizes or even different sizes on the off chance that you need them. Child carrots can be left entirety.

Fill an enormous pot with water and heat it to the point of boiling. Add the carrots and bubble for 5 minutes for child carrots.

Promptly move to an ice water shower and let them cool for a similar measure of time you let them cook.

Channel well.

Separate into partitions as wanted and spot into cooler holders or cooler sacks. you can also control the pressure of air.

Name, date, and seal all bundling.

Natural corn

9 Vegetables That You Can freeze without blanching | Food Preserving Tips (2)

If you intend to leave your fresh corn for freezing, there is no compelling reason to Blanche it. You can follow a pre-freeze cycle and freeze it without playing with blanching.

You can likewise whiten it on the off chance that you like, and this will make it simpler on the off chance that you intend to eliminate the corn from the cob.

Freezing Corn

Freezing extra old-fashioned corn is so straightforward. you can do the following simple steps.

Strip the corn husks and eliminate all silks.

You might need to slice the cobs down the middle to make it simpler to bundle them for freezing.

Set the old or new corn on a preparing sheet and spread out for pre-freezing.

Pre-freeze old corn for 2-3 hours.

Eliminate from the cooler and envelop every cob by a layer of tight saran wrap.

Pack the old corn into cooler sacks or cooler compartments in wanted bit sizes.

Mark, date, and freeze for as long as a year.

you can add a blanching interaction to this equivalent technique, however, it’s anything but needed for quality freezing.


Regardless of whether you whiten squash truly relies upon how long you intend to freeze it. If you just arrange to freeze it for 2-4 months, you can skirt the blanching.

Nonetheless, we suggest blanching it so you can be ready to freeze it however long required without agonizing over protecting the flavor.

While we donot suggest blanching, it is feasible to manage without. there are several methods to freeze squash without blanching and they are very easy and useful just use them or use the following easy method to freeze it

Freezing Squash Without Blanching

Here’s how to freeze and whiten squash to best protect its flavor and surface:

Wash and clean squash to eliminate any earth or flotsam and jetsam.

Cut into adjusts that are around 1/4 inch in thickness.

Heat a utensil of water to the point of 100 degrees and add the zucchini to bubbling water. Let bubble for 3-5 minutes.

Eliminate from heated water and promptly place into an ice-water shower. Allow them to chill for a similar measure of time you let them bubble.

Channel well and afterward wipe the pieces off however much as could be expected.

Spread out on a preparing sheet and pre-freeze for 1-2 hours.

Move to cooler sacks or capacity compartments in segments of decision.

Name, date, and seal all bundling and freeze for as long as a year.


9 Vegetables That You Can freeze without blanching | Food Preserving Tips (3)

Potatoes can be difficult to freeze crude or new because they have a weighty water content all alone. You should plan to standard bubble potatoes to freeze them, which is the same as the blanching cycle besides without the ice shower.

Freezing Potatoes With Par-Boiling

Blanching isn’t important to freeze potatoes, standard bubbling is. Here are how to do it and freeze your potatoes.

Scour the potatoes and cut out any patches that look stained or papery. You can strip them on the off chance that you like, however, it’s dependent upon you. Something else, 3D square them or dice them to the ideal sizes.

Standard heat up the potatoes, which is equivalent to blanching. Heat up the water to the point of boiling and afterward add the potatoes.

On the off chance that they are cut, you should bubble them for 4-6 minutes. You simply need them to reach marginally fork delicately without totally mellowing.

Channel and wipe the potatoes off.

Separate into wanted segments and bundle ready for freezing utilizing either a compartment or cooler packs.

Mark, date, and seal all bundling.

Green Beans

9 Vegetables That You Can freeze without blanching | Food Preserving Tips (4)

Green beans can be frozen whitened or not whitened. We have an entire manual for freezing green beans, however, we’ll sum up it here.

For this situation, it is dependent upon you.

At this point, you are likely acquainted with how to whiten. For green beans, this implies adding them to bubbling water for around 3-4 minutes and afterward moving them to the ice for a similar measure of time.

Freezing Green Beans Without Blanching

Fortunately, you can skip blanching for green beans in case you’re running low on schedule. Here are how to freeze them without it:

Trim the finishes from the two sides of the green beans.

Slice your green beans down the middle.

Flush and wipe off the green beans before beginning.

Be certain that your beans are totally dry. Channel them and wipe them off all that can be expected.

Let them spread out and dry however much as could reasonably be expected.

Bit out to your ideal segments and separate into cooler sacks or compartments.

Name, date, and seal all bundling and freeze for as long as a year.


9 Vegetables That You Can freeze without blanching | Food Preserving Tips (5)

New zucchini is a vegetable that you can easily freeze without blanching.

On this specific vegetable, we suggest blanching. Look at the means with and without blanching under.

Freezing Zucchini With Blanching

Here’s the best approach to freeze zucchini

Start by washing your zucchini and remove all mud and dirt from it.

Cut your zucchini into cuts that are around 1/4 inch thick.

Air pocket water to light up the zucchini. Add the zucchini to the permeating water quickly.

Fill a huge bowl with ice and water and move the zucchini from the high temp water straightforwardly to the ice shower. Grant them to sit for around 2 minutes.

Channel the zucchini cuts and wipe them off.

Pre-freeze the zucchini by isolating them on a warming sheet.

Right when they are pre-frozen, you can move them as far as a possible holder or a cooler pack.

Freezing Zucchini Without Blanching

Shred your zucchini into fine strips.

Separate your zucchini into required piece sizes. We suggest 1-2 cups for each serving.

Spot crushed zucchini into specific cooler sacks per the deliberate servings.

Name each sack with the extent of zucchini and a date.


Asparagus can be a particular new vegetable.

It is ideal to light up it before freezing it. you may see that it loses a piece of its tone and flavor, and another surface that makes it so impressive to nibble into.

If you intend to freeze asparagus, you need it to be just probably as new as could be expected. An audit that it will not get any fresher in the cooler.

Asparagus and Blanching

Blanching and freezing asparagus are clear.

Trim the incredible bottoms from the asparagus stems. Freeze these self-sufficiently for soups or just dispose of them. You can manage your asparagus to 1-2 inches or leave the lances absolute.

Permit to cook for 2-5 minutes until the asparagus transforms into a marvelous shade of green and is delicate.

Lower the asparagus quickly into an ice shower. Leave them in the ice shower for the genuine time that you cooked them.

Channel and wipe the asparagus off.

Move into limit compartments or cooler packs.

Name and date all putting away procedures and freeze away.


9 Vegetables That You Can freeze without blanching | Food Preserving Tips (6)

Broccoli is the best vegetable to deal with Or without blanching.

Blanching is a clear cycle that shields that stunning green tone and new sort of broccoli.

Freeze it With Blanching wash it carefully and separate its parts.

You can saline arrangement if you like, yet it’s everything except required.

Brighten the broccoli by adding it’s everything except a pot of gurgling water. Grant to rise for 3 minutes.

Rapidly dispense with and place in an ice shower. License to stay in the ice shower for 3 minutes.

Channel the broccoli and wipe it off.

Start with quick freeze cooperation and spread your florets out on a getting-ready sheet. Freeze for around 2 hours.

Group into segment sizes and individual cooler safe packs or compartments.

Name, date, and toss in the cooler for up to 9 months.

What effects occur If You Freeze Vegetable Without Blanching?

Freezing vegetables without blanching create bad quality frozen products.

The most widely recognized signs are staining and blurred-looking tones. Some may detect an off-flavor and surface after devouring the cooked frozen vegetable. Now and again, it could prompt quick deterioration just after defrosting the frozen merchandise.

In blanching, clear the vegetables off with a towel, then, at that point figure out them in a solitary layer on an arranging sheet — nearly, as you would when freezing typical things — before setting them in the cooler to freeze strong.

Then, at that point, store them in a cooler sack. Concerning mixed greens, similar to spinach, chard, and kale, the decision is yours.

You don’t need to separate them at that time. More tips for freezing standard things and vegetables are following.

Are Frozen Vegetables long-lasting?

Normally, it relies on the sort of vegetable and technique of freezing. many vegetables could go up to a year before decay and disintegration begin to kick in.

Remember that the frigid temperature should be steady all through the capacity cycle.


Freezing vegetables without blanching has its arrangement of benefits and impediments in drawing out the timeframe of realistic usability of the delicious vegetable.

In any case, if you have the opportunity to save, it is as yet prescribed to whiten most vegetables to unquestionably appreciate the decency of this food throughout the entire year.

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