Add Google Drive to File Explorer in Windows 10 | Workspace Tips (2023)

How to send mass emails using Multi Send in Gmail

Consider using Gmail to send bulk emails to people inside or outside of your organization. Follow along to find out more about the multi-send feature that is available for Google Workspace users.What is multi-send in Gmail?The multi-send feature allows you to send a large number of emails from Gmail without having to BCC everyone. Furthermore, an unsubscribe link is also automatically added to bulk emails so the recipients can easily unsubscribe.Multi-send can be used on desktop devices by users of the following Google Workspace editions: Workspace Individual Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Standard Education PlusThere are also some limitations that you should be aware of, such as: You can only add up to 1,500 recipients in the To field. The maximum number of emails you can send per day is 1,500. You won’t be able to use Reply, Forward, Scheduling, or Confidential modes with multi-send. When you add an attachment, the size of it in each email counts toward your storage. It’s recommended to upload the file to Google Drive and share a link to the file instead. By default, multi-send is limited to internal recipients for Google Workspace Enterprise plans and Google Workspace for Education accounts. However, your admin can enable mass emails to external recipients.Please note that your Google Workspace administrator may choose to disable or limit this feature for your account. Please contact them directly if you have issues using multi-send.How to send mass emails from GmailWhether you’re looking to send and announcement, newsletter, or other communication, here’s how to send your first multi-send email:1. Open Gmail and click the Compose button.2. From the compose window, click the double envelope button to switch on multi-send. Read the short description of the feature and click Turn On to continue. When multi-send is enabled, the compose window has a purple header.3. Add the recipients in the To field. You can type in their email addresses, paste a list of addresses, or use a mailing list from Google Contacts as demonstrated in the image below.4. Enter the subject line and compose your message as you normally would. Click Continue when you’re ready to send the email.5. To send yourself a test email, click Send Preview. Once you’re ready to send the mass email, click Send All.If a recipient unsubscribe from your emails, you will receive a notification email from Google. Next time you send a mass email, anyone who has unsubscribed from your emails is automatically removed from the recipient list.To switch between regular email and mass-mail modes in Gmail, click the double envelope button from the compose window toolbar.


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