Atlanta's Best New Restaurants of 2022 (2023)

Photograph by Martha Williams

Our October 2022 issue featured the return of one of our most beloved lists—Atlanta’s 75 Best Restaurants. Among those 75, the 11 eateries below were also dubbed worthy of the title of Atlanta’s Best New Restaurants for this year. These newcomers feature everything from tender lamb birria to Edomae-style sushi to quinoa-based “brekkie bowls,” and each is absolutely worth a visit.

Listed in alphabetical order. View the full list of 75 Best Restaurants here.

Photograph by Martha Williams

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The latest from Pat Pascarella (White Bull, Grana) is built on cheese: He bills this buzzy Westside eatery as a “mozzarella bar” and offers a generous handful of varieties for sampling, from earthy mozzarella di bufala to fatt’ a mano—a pleasingly chewy version pulled by hand at a dedicated station behind the Bastone bar. They can be enjoyed as part of a mozz flight, and/or with salumi, and/or with focaccia, taralli, little dishes of olives—and definitely with wine and cocktails, and as a forerunner to some of the more substantial handmade pastas on the menu. This isn’t a quiet, candlelit Italian restaurant—it’s bustling and light-filled, with a personality as big as its flavors. 887 Howell Mill Road Northwest, Westside, 404-252-6699

Photograph by Martha Williams

With Slutty Vegan at one end and Staplehouse at the other, the stretch of Edgewood between Boulevard and Howell is shaping up into a regular restaurant row—and this brewpub is one of its finest recent additions. Even if the beer were lousy, a trip would be in order just to dig into chef Davis King’s hearty, veg-forward menu, which feels like the next generation of bar food: raw oysters, smart salads, housemade pimento cheese, fries with garlic aioli, and a few more substantial sandwiches and dinner plates that change with the seasons. And, to be clear, the beers—a few clean-tasting pale ales and IPAs, several sours, various rotating options—are the opposite of lousy. Other perks: a daytime coffee bar and one of the chillest patios around. 537 Edgewood Avenue Southeast, Old Fourth Ward, 404-796-9919

Birrieria Landeros
Atlanta diners’ passion for birria has not really abated, with the spicy Mexican stewed meat available around town in forms more traditional (birria tacos, quesabirria) and less (birria ramen, birria pizza). One of the most exciting renditions to hit the scene recently is the birria de borrego at this family-run joint: dissolvingly tender lamb, served in a velvety, lightly spiced tomato broth and based on a recipe that an earlier generation of Landeroses served at a restaurant in the Mexican state of Aguascaliente. The heirloom preparation is nothing short of stunning; various other dishes, including weekends-only menudo, get high marks, too. 2400 Satellite Boulevard, Duluth, 678-373-3657

Com Ga Houston
This place is named after the dish it specializes in, a Vietnamese relative of Hainanese chicken rice: skin-on chicken, poached delicately in chicken broth and served cold over rice with a panoply of accoutrements—various veg and pickled cabbage, onion oil and ginger and Vietnamese coriander leaves, served with ginger sauce and a cup of chicken broth on the side. It’s splendid, but just the beginning of owner Khoa Do’s bird-centric menu: There’s also chicken or duck congee with cubes of pork blood, noodle soups and chicken pho, and magnificent salads built on cabbage or banana blossoms and featuring a whole landscape of torn chicken, herbs, and crispy bits of fried shallot. 3350 Steve Reynolds Boulevard, Duluth, 678-691-3143

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Photograph by Martha Williams

Daily Chew
Julia Kesler Imerman calls her adorable spot off Cheshire Bridge Road a “holistic” cafe—I call it a joyous refuge from the vicissitudes of everyday life. Born Jewish in South Africa and raised in Atlanta, the young owner is a proponent of intuitive or mindful eating. Not denying the body what it craves is her philosophy, so on her daily menus, you can find French fries and latkes—in addition to things like rotisserie chicken (or cauliflower), salmon pitas with lemony labneh, shakshuka, and “brekkie bowls” with quinoa, avocado, and soft-boiled eggs.

There’s more to this tiny whitewashed building than meets the eye. Your first impression is of a calm respite with two distinct zones: one set up like a living room with books to read and comfy rugs to muffle the sounds; the other more commercial but still peaceful and communal, with a counter for ordering and a handful of grab-and-go items. But in the back, there’s also a large production facility, where Imerman’s staff assembles the above-mentioned dishes in addition to distinctive shelf-stable products sold on the premises as well as in local groceries: cumin-scented cauliflower Bolognese, various soups and dressings. I find her combination of physical and mental nourishment irresistible, and the obvious success of this young business gives me faith that—given enough moxie and goodwill—the good can triumph over the mediocre. 2127 Liddell Drive Northeast, Piedmont/Morningside, 404-600-4155

From 8Arm (RIP) impresarios Nhan Le and Skip Engelbrecht and chef Bradford Forsblom, this jewel box of a storefront has the potential to be many things to many people: a lunchtime destination for a bowl of chowder and one of the city’s best new sandwiches (a blackened grouper that’ll knock your socks off); a retail market with superfresh cuts of fish you can take home and prepare yourself; and a BYOB raw bar serving immaculately prepared oysters, crudo, shrimp cocktail, and more, to be enjoyed in the open air on a few charming sidewalk tables. A second location has opened in Kirkwood. 674 North Highland Avenue, Poncey-Highland, 678-705-9538

Photograph by Martha Williams

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Gigi’s Italian Kitchen
Checkered-tablecloth nostalgia meets modern technique at Gigi’s, which has recently made the transition to full-time restaurant in the same Candler Park space where, several nights a week since last year, it’s been in a pop-up residency. Two young chefs, Eric Brooks and Jacob Armando, are behind it, offering a tightly curated, seasonally driven Italian menu with dishes like fried polenta cake with creme fraiche and caviar, brassicas cooked over a yakitori grill and seasoned with Calabrian chilis, and artfully plated housemade pastas and classic preparations like chicken Milanese. Replacing Nicholas Stinson’s beloved Gato, Gigi’s promises to be just as integral to the fabric of the neighborhood. 1660 McLendon Avenue Northeast, Candler Park, 404-371-0889

How Crispy Express
The latest—and perhaps the last— word in Atlanta’s fried-chicken-sandwich wars, this cheery counter-service cafe existed as a pop-up for several years before landing on Summerhill’s main street. The Southern-style sandwich at the heart of the menu is everything you want it to be—a generous piece of juicy dark meat, fried twice for extra crunch, with an herby spread and bread-and-butter pickles—but don’t sleep on the variations, including Lemon Pepper Wet, doused in buffalo sauce, lemon pepper, and ranch. Tangy, sloppy, and sublime, the sandwich screams Atlanta. 71 Georgia Avenue Southeast, Summerhill, 678-705-3531

Photograph by Martha Williams

Juniper Cafe
Ron Hsu and co. step down from the multicourse extravagance of their James Beard–nominated prix fixe restaurant Lazy Betty with this casual cafe, which transitions over the course of the day from a breakfast hang (serving baker Chao Wen’s winning Turkish egg bread and Portuguese egg tarts) to a casual lunch spot (banh mi, fragrant pho in both beef and vegan versions) to a dinner destination with carefully wrought, Vietnamese-influenced entrees (the savory coconut-shrimp crepes banh xeo, lemongrass-marinated pork with tomato and corn succotash). It’s kid-friendly, too, with a line of housemade sodas flavored with ingredients like calamansi, passionfruit, and Buddha’s hand. 2260 Marietta Boulevard Northeast, Bolton, 470-427-3057

Photograph by Bailey Garrot

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Arrive early: You’ll want to pregame at the sanded-stone cocktail counter with barman Mike Satusky, who makes perhaps the city’s best Negroni, in which hojicha tea creates a bridge between the drink’s bitterness and its sweetness. Then, dig the music, which counterbalances Mujo’s aspirational nature with songs like “Sexy M.F.” by Prince (the explicit version) and the anthemic “Motownphilly” by Boyz II Men. When seating begins, you’re led through a door to a spotlit 15-seat counter, where you’ll spend two and a half hours on executive chef J. Trent Harris’s Edomae-style sushi, aged and cured exquisitely and presented twice nightly in an always evolving omakase experience.

Harris, whose Michelin cred comes from working in celebrated restaurants like Sushi Ginza Onodera of NYC and Tokyo, was recruited by Atlanta restaurateur Federico Castellucci, who convinced him to launch a sushi pop-up out of Cooks & Soldiers. During the early days of the pandemic, it offered takeout—an impossible idea that Harris achieved at the highest level of quality, flavor, and precision, reminding stuck-at-home diners that, even in times of separation and difficulty, great dreams can become reality.

Today, Mujo’s omakase is booked out a month in advance and might include decadent and buttery blackthroat sea perch or other rare fish flown in from Toyosu—the island area of Tokyo where the famed Tsukiji fish market moved several years ago. Fresh produce, which shows up in small plates of hot and cold dishes such as nasu agebitashi—a chilled dish of marinated, fried eggplant, served with squid ink and burnt-eggplant puree—comes from local and regional purveyors including Delaware-based Japanese vegetable producer Suzuki Farms. Kentucky native Harris’s Southern sensibility helps it all blend together beautifully. With so much attention to detail, Mujo would be amazing if it didn’t have the best raw fish in Atlanta. But this unlikely restaurant’s survival story has indeed reshuffled our city’s sushi hierarchy. 691 14th Street Northwest, Westside, 404-400-6832

Photograph by Martha Williams

Tio Lucho’s
Having established himself with his pop-up La Chingana—and, previously, as executive chef at Minero—Arnaldo Castillo launched a brick-and-mortar over the summer, offering a regular place for his fans to get their fix of Castillo’s irresistible coastal-Peruvian cooking: superfresh raw-fish dishes like ceviche and spicy tuna tiradito; wonderful salads built around quinoa, corn, and sweet-hot aji dulce peppers; the classic Chinese-Peruvian stir-fry lomo saltado; and a fun cocktail list with both a classic and a seasonally changing pisco sour. That this place is one of the brand-newest entries on this list is terrifically exciting: We can’t wait to see it grow. 675 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Poncey-Highland, 404-343-0278

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This article appears in our October 2022 issue as part of the 75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta. View the full list here.


What is the number one restaurant in 2022? ›

The World's 50 Best Restaurants has just named the world's best restaurants in 2022 at an awards ceremony in London. This year, the top place has gone to Geranium in Copenhagen, helmed by chef and restaurateur Rasmus Kofoed. In the last recognition, Geranium placed second on the prestigious list.

What is the most popular restaurant in the US 2022? ›

1. Cocina Madrigal, Phoenix, Arizona.

Is In N Out coming to Atlanta? ›

Sorry, Atlanta -- that 'In-N-Out Burger coming soon' sign is almost certainly a prank.

What is Atlanta's signature food? ›

What foods define the ATL? Southern dishes come to mind but that's definitely not all. While we still serve up delicious crispy fried chicken, mouth-watering barbecue and hearty meat-and-threes, we're also home to a burgeoning craft beer scene, diverse international cuisine and innovative sweet treats.

What's the next big food trend 2022? ›

Expect to see more fish in tins, food on sticks and various Asian flavours on menus and in shops this year. Yakitori — Japanese skewers of meat or vegetables cooked over charcoal — is enjoying increasing popularity in London restaurants.

Who won best restaurant 2022? ›

One day, we will be able to talk about restaurants without referring to the upheaval of 2020, but not yet. Roots in York, the OFM readers' Best Restaurant for 2022, has flourished post-pandemic but it's a very different restaurant to the one that opened in 2018.

What is the #1 rated restaurant in America? ›

The French Laundry in Yountville, California, made its debut in this year's awards as the #1 Fine Dining Restaurant in the U.S. With over 1,100 “excellent” Tripadvisor reviews, this 20-year-old French restaurant is called “bucket list” or “life changing” by diners who visit.

What is the number 1 most popular restaurant? ›


What is America's best new restaurant? ›

In the summer of 2021, Sean Sherman, a forty-eight-year-old Oglala Lakota chef, opened a restaurant called Owamni, in Minneapolis. Nearly overnight, it became the most prominent example of Indigenous American cuisine in the United States.

Is Whataburger coming to Atlanta? ›

In 2023, Whataburger plans to open restaurants in Cumming, Buford, Athens, Commerce and Dawsonville. While these are the first locations in the Atlanta area, they are not the first in the state. Whataburger currently has one Georgia location in Thomasville, close to the Florida state line.

Where is most of the growth in Atlanta happening? ›

More people moved to Gwinnett than to any other county. Gwinnett added 13,460 new residents (the county is now just 16,000 shy of 1 million residents). Following Gwinnett, the core counties of Fulton and Cobb attracted the most people.

Is Dua Lipa coming to Atlanta? ›

Global pop superstar Dua Lipa is coming to Atlanta for her Future Nostalgia Tour! See her live at State Farm Arena on Feb 12, 2022.
Dua Lipa.
This event date has passed
Type:Music & Concerts
1 more row

What drink is Atlanta famous for? ›

US, Atlanta: World of Coca-Cola tells how the world's most famous soft drink was invented. When Atlanta pharmacist Dr John Pemberton concocted Coca-Cola's formula in 1886, it was initially a fizzer.

What is the famous fast food of Atlanta? ›

Atlanta is the home to several fast food chains - Moe's Southwest Grill, Chick fil A, Krystal and the world famous Varsity.

What snack is Atlanta known for? ›

The Frosted Orange

If you haven't answered the famous “What'll ya have?” with, “A Frosted Orange,” you're missing Atlanta's most iconic snack: a creamsicle in milkshake form.

What are 3 current food trends? ›

The report also said eaters are refocusing on food that's better for them after choosing comfort foods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Immunity-boosting snacks and ingredients, plant-based sandwiches, and alternative sweeteners all made the list for the top 10 2022 trends.

What food should I buy for shortage 2022? ›

Prepare for a food shortage by filling up your pantry space with items that have a healthy shelf life, including, canned food, rice, noodles, beans, and the like.
The Best Types of Non-Perishable Foods
  • Rice.
  • Noodles.
  • Dried beans.
  • Instant oatmeal.
  • Canned beans.
  • Canned veggies.
  • Canned fruits.
  • Canned meats.
16 Oct 2022

Which food is trending now? ›

menus, here is what is lined up for 2022.
  • Potato milk. While alternative non-dairy products like soy, almond and oat milks continue to be popular - the latest option is potato milk. ...
  • Plant-based meat. ...
  • Herbal teas. ...
  • Cloud kitchens. ...
  • Chewable toothpaste.

Which is the No 1 restaurant in the world? ›

World's Best Restaurant
2016Osteria FrancescanaEl Celler de Can Roca
2017Eleven Madison ParkOsteria Francescana
2018Osteria FrancescanaEl Celler de Can Roca
17 more rows

Who won chef of the Year 2022? ›

Ben Murphy makes history in golden anniversary of National Chef of the Year. The winner of the National Chef of the Year competition has been crowned with Ben Murphy, chef patron, Launceston Place Restaurant taking the most sought-after and prestigious UK culinary title.

Who is the number one chef in 2022? ›

Spain's Dabiz Muñoz has been named best chef in the world for the second year in a row, at the Best Chef Awards 2022. The awards took place at the Crystal Gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles, headquarters of the Madrid City Council in Spain's capital, at a ceremony attended by luminaries of the gastronomic world.

What is the least rated restaurant? ›

Colony Cafe - Miami

This Miami eatery regularly finds itself atop "worst restaurant in the country" lists and is the lowest-rated restaurant on all of Yelp. Why is it so bad, and how does it stay in business?

What are the top 3 full service restaurants? ›

The 50 Top-Grossing Full-Service Restaurants in America
RankChain2018 Sales (Millions)
1Olive Garden4,100
3Buffalo Wild Wings3,680
43 more rows

What are the top 3 restaurants in America? ›

The 25 Best Restaurants In America, According To TripAdvisor...
  • Girl & The Goat, Chicago. ...
  • Jean Georges, New York City. ...
  • The River Cafe, Brooklyn, New York. ...
  • Chez Panisse, Berkeley, California. ...
  • L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Las Vegas. ...
  • Craft, New York City. ...
  • Per Se, New York City. ...
  • The French Laundry, Yountville, California.

What is the most popular restaurant right now? ›


What is the most ordered dish? ›

Biryani was the top dish, getting more than 55 million orders this year compared to 35 million in 2020. Samosa was the most binged snack of the year, getting about 5 million orders. Pav bhaji was India's second favourite snack with 2.1 million orders.

Who serves the best pizza in the world? ›

See the full list of Top 50 Pizza 2022 below:
  • 1 I Masanielli – Francesco Martucci (Naples)
  • 1 Una Pizza Napoletana (New York)
  • 3 Peppe Pizzeria (Paris)
  • 4 50 Kalò (Naples)
  • 5 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria (Naples)
  • 6 I Tigli (San Bonifacio, Italy)
  • 7 Francesco & Salvatore Salvo (Naples)
  • 8 Seu Pizza Illuminati (Rome)
8 Sept 2022

What is the fastest growing restaurant in America? ›

1. Mod Pizza. You can guess the specialty served at this restaurant, which is the fastest-growing chain in the U.S. for the second consecutive year. Mod Pizza falls into the fast-casual food category, with the owners focused on a socially conscious platform.

What is the only 7 star restaurant in the world? ›

Head to Al Iwan restaurant at Burj Al Arab, dubbed to be "the world's only 7-star hotel". Enjoy a high-class buffet lunch or dinner of authentic Arabian dishes while you take in the sea and city views of Dubai.

Where are the most 5 star restaurants? ›

New York has the most Michelin Star Restaurants with a total of 73. Globally, Tokyo is the city with the most Michelin Star restaurants.

What big companies are coming to Atlanta? ›

Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Visa are among the West Coast names opening offices in the city.

Is Apple coming to Atlanta? ›

Apple to build tech ed campus in Atlanta for historically Black colleges and universities. As part of its $100 million "racial equity and justice" initiative, Apple's investing in education in Atlanta, an app development center in Detroit and venture funding in New York.

Is Nike moving to Atlanta? ›

The Atlanta Technology Center will be located in West Midtown, which offers access to great restaurants, retail shops, fitness, art galleries and more. The center is expected to open in early 2023, and until then all employees will work remotely.

Where people in Atlanta are moving to most? ›

Here are the Top 10 metro areas:
  • Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX Metro Area.
  • Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL Metro Area.
  • Savannah, GA Metro Area.
  • Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SC Metro Area.
  • Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI Metro Area.
  • Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SC Metro Area.
20 Aug 2021

Where are people moving to Atlanta coming from? ›

Here are the top three cities transplants are coming from, according to data shared with Axios: New York. Miami. D.C.

Is Ice Cube coming to Atlanta? ›

At The Mount Westmore Concert. Friday, May 6th, 2022. At The State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Is Hamilton coming back to Atlanta? ›

Hamilton is returning to Atlanta's Fox Theatre this month. The upcoming shows will take place from August 22nd to September 26, 2021. What is this?

Who is performing at Jingle Ball 2022? ›

Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Jack Harlow, Sam Smith, Pitbull, Charlie Puth, Backstreet Boys, Black Eyed Peas, Demi Lovato, The Kid LAROI, Khalid, Tate McRae, Lewis Capaldi and more are all set to take the stage at shows across the country. The 2022 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour Presented by Capital One will stop in Dallas/Ft.

How much does a bottle girl make in Atlanta? ›

As of Nov 13, 2022, the average annual pay for a Bottle Service in Atlanta is $38,874 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $18.69 an hour. This is the equivalent of $747/week or $3,239/month.

What's the oldest bar in Atlanta? ›

Atkins Park Tavern

No list would be complete without Atkins Park, Atlanta's oldest continuously licensed tavern.

What is black Atlanta known for? ›

Black Atlantans are residents of the city Atlanta who are of African American ancestry. Atlanta has long been known as a center of black wealth, higher education, political power and culture; a cradle of the Civil Rights Movement and the home of Martin Luther King Jr.

What is the most famous street in Atlanta? ›

While there are dozens of roads in Atlanta named Peachtree, Peachtree Street is the most popular due to its central location, amazing shopping, and impressive buildings.

What is Georgia's most famous food? ›

Peaches. Georgia is affectionately known as The Peach State. Home cooks and chefs around the state use peaches in pies, jams, jellies, ice cream, and of course, peach cobbler. Sweet ripe peaches surrounded by thick syrup and a flaky crust will turn the heads of even the most diehard dieters.

What does OTP Atlanta mean? ›

OTP, or "outside the perimeter," contains the suburbs of Atlanta, all with their own characteristics and personalities outside I-285. For many Atlantans, being an ITP-er or an OTP-er is a way of life.

What is Atlanta signature food? ›

Black-eyed peas, cornbread, collard greens, mac and cheese, sweet potato pie, fried chicken, banana pudding — these are just some of the mouth wateringly good soul food dishes that are abundant in Atlanta.

What food is unique to Atlanta? ›

What Food is Atlanta Known For? Try These.
  • Barbecue. Beef, pork, or chicken and traditional side make up a fantastic barbecue meal. ...
  • Fried chicken. Traditional or with a twist, fried chicken is an Atlanta must-have. ...
  • International foods. Ethnic foods abound off the Buford Highway. ...
  • Ice pops.

What is Georgia's signature food? ›

Unsurprisingly, Georgia's signature food is peach cobbler. Here's what Stacker wrote about the Peach State: “Although peanuts and Brunswick stew might be Georgia favorites, peach cobbler wins as the state's signature dish.

What's the #1 restaurant in the world? ›

World's Best Restaurant
2016Osteria FrancescanaEl Celler de Can Roca
2017Eleven Madison ParkOsteria Francescana
2018Osteria FrancescanaEl Celler de Can Roca
17 more rows

What is the #1 restaurant in America? ›

The Walrus and the Carpenter — Seattle, Washington

The seasonal menu changes daily at the Seattle hot spot, but it is the place for the best oysters—including the to-die-for fried oysters—and small bites that Seattle has to offer.

What is the most popular fast food in 2022? ›

Restaurants 25 2022 Ranking
45Domino's Pizza
21 more rows

What is the lowest rated restaurant in the world? ›

Colony Cafe - Miami

This Miami eatery regularly finds itself atop "worst restaurant in the country" lists and is the lowest-rated restaurant on all of Yelp. Why is it so bad, and how does it stay in business? According to some, it's by constantly changing the name so as to confuse people –– among other shady tactics.

What is the most liked fast food restaurant? ›

The Most Popular Fast Food Companies
#4Taco BellGlobal
6 more rows
31 Aug 2022

What is the most ordered food in America? ›

The Number 1 Most Popular Foods in America are Hamburgers!
  • Ice Cream.
  • Chicken Tenders.
  • Soft Drinks/Soda.
  • Pizza.
  • Oreo Cookies.
  • French Fries.
  • Hot Dogs.
  • Hamburgers.
7 Sept 2021

Which city in the U.S. has the best food? ›

Best Food Cities in the US
  • New York City, New York.
  • Chicago, Illinois.
  • San Francisco, California.
  • Houston, Texas.
  • Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Seattle, Washington.
  • Portland, Oregon.
  • Philadelphia, PA.
17 Jul 2022

What is the most popular fast food restaurant in Georgia? ›

Most Popular Fast Food by State 2022
StateMost Popular Fast Food
46 more rows

What is the number 1 fast food in the world? ›

Top 10 Largest Fast Food Chains in the World by Revenue
RankFast Food ChainNumber of Stores
4Yum China8,484
6 more rows
22 Jun 2020

What fast food makes the most money? ›



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