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Personification is a literary device that gives human qualities to non-human things or abstract concepts. It is a way for writers to create vivid and relatable imagery for their readers, and to add depth and emotion to their writing.

One common use of personification is to attribute human emotions or actions to animals or objects. For example, a writer might describe the sun as "smiling" or the wind as "whispering" through the trees. This personification helps the reader to better understand and connect with the natural world, and adds a sense of wonder and magic to the writing.

Personification can also be used to describe abstract concepts, such as time or death. For example, a writer might describe time as "flying" or "dragging," giving the reader a more concrete and relatable way to understand the passage of time. Similarly, death might be personified as a "grim reaper" or a "merciless enemy," adding drama and emotion to the writing.

Personification can also be used as a tool for satire or social commentary. By attributing human qualities to inanimate objects or concepts, writers can draw attention to the absurdity or hypocrisy of a situation. For example, a writer might personify a bureaucracy as a "red tape monster" to criticize the inefficiency and complexity of government processes.

Overall, personification is a powerful literary device that can add depth, emotion, and vivid imagery to writing. By giving human qualities to non-human things and abstract concepts, writers can create relatable and engaging stories that speak to their readers on a deeper level.

Examples of Personification: What It Is and How to Use It

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Whatif green hair grows on my chest? Anthropomorphism does not however extend human qualities to inanimate objects. Personification allows writers to attribute human characteristics to nonhuman things without turning those things into human-like characters, as is done with anthropomorphism. With immense knowledge, command over English, excellent writing skills, research-oriented minds, and terrific speed our experts are no less than a genie. This is achieved by way of the tool of personification. How do you describe personification in writing? It can also be used to personify an abstract quality. Personifying characters also allow for more complex emotions to be explored. Personification is a Non-human entities such as animals, plants, or inanimate objects can be made into persons for purposes of speech or thought.


What Is Personification? Definition and Examples from Literature

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Contact us at any time of the hour and you will find us rushing towards you. What do you do when a strict teacher assigns you assignments overnight and does not give you much time to finish? There are many reasons why creative writers use this fictional device to communicate their thoughts. Like other types of figurative language, such as synecdoche, hyperbole and simile, it functions on the level of ideas - in contrast to other literary devices, such as alliteration or onomatopoeia, which function at the level of language. This can be done by having your character express themselves in a way that gives readers a glimpse into their mind. The walls are closing in is a feeling we might experience under duress. In that case, shot, angle and lighting can convey the desired sensation without actual movement. Meet beta readers, get feedback on your writing, and become a better writer! For example, one could write that love is like a butterfly effect because small acts of kindness can have huge consequences later; this explanation uses metaphor to illustrate that small actions can have large results.


Personification Definition & Meaning

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Whatif I get beat up? Personification is a literary technique writers use to add human qualities to non-human things. Personification is a form of figurative language. When poets write about flowers, for example, they do not describe each petal with its purpose. The humanized element with the flowers gives them the quality of the human feeling of happiness. The plot has to warrant this action, or this kind of behavior has to be consistent with the character, otherwise, personification might appear overly dramatic or as a cheap plot device. The non-human can be an inanimate object or an abstract idea. Personification in common language Personification occurs frequently in everyday speech, and we rarely choose this type of figurative language deliberately or consciously.


How to Use Personification in Your Writing

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When the titular old man himself talks about the sea, we can witness him personify the body of water, a non-human entity, as female. In this case, personification helps show that someone was dancing to and enjoying the jazz music. For example, if a character is shy and introverted, they might have softer facial features and be smaller in stature. Whatif my parents get divorced? Explore a few famous examples of personification in literature. It is at such time that the literary tool of personification is used to define the characters, the objects, and the scene. It helps the reader relate to and create a picture in their mind when stars dance or opportunities knock. On a safari, the gangrene-stricken Harry associates his imminent death with a prowling hyena, and later, a visitor to his tent.



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But how would the student address those comments? While both personification and metaphors are devices used in literature to create a deeper connection with readers, there is a key difference between the two: Personification uses human qualities to describe non-human objects or concepts, while metaphors use non-human objects or concepts to describe human qualities. Each way will lend something new and poignant to your story. The works of Disney and Pixar with their animal characters are great examples of anthropomorphism. Today, science writers often use personification to explain scientific concepts that are difficult to communicate using conventional means. What is the literal meaning of the words and how could a reader misconstrue them? Personification is a type of metaphor and a common literary tool. However, there is a clear difference between these two literary terms. Is the style typical for you or your character? Whatif my head starts getting smaller? You can add personification depending on which element you want to highlight in your action lines.


Personification: Definition, Meaning and Examples

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Examples of personification in everyday speech We may think of personification purely as a literary device, but we use it without thinking in our everyday lives, too. When you understand the how and why of using personification, you'll be on track to becoming a better writer and screenwriter. The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway is rich in figurative language. Keep having fun with this literary device by checking out. It helps us connect with the thing being described. They understand that these are vibrant, colorful ways to portray a deceptively simple idea.


Personification: What Is It and How to Use It in Your Writing

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It makes your writing tangible and easier to visualize. How Is Personification Used to Develop a Character In a Story? Combining his entrepreneurial background with a love of great stories, Harry founded Relay in 2013 as a fresh way to create books and for writers to earn a living from their work. In modern literature, personification examples are often found in descriptive language. In these tales, the traits that humans commonly attribute to certain animals might play a role. Whatif the wind tears up my kite? It is when you assign the qualities of a person to something that isn't human or that isn't even alive, such as nature or household items. The last piece of cake was calling my name.


What Is Personification?

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An idiom is also a figurative expression, comprising of a phrase that commonly has a non-literal meaning beyond its literal one: breaking a leg, spilling the beans, kicking the bucket, laying the cards on the table and leaving no stone unturned are all examples of idioms. Whatif I start to cry? The Tiger in the Smoke, by Margery Allingham The fog had crept into the taxi where it crouched panting in a traffic jam. The Rhetoric of Bangsa and Minzu. Personification is generally the use of figurative language in a symbolic and representative way to give inanimate objects or natural phenomena humanlike characteristics. Anthropomorphism is a cornerstone of popular culture and animated films.


National personification

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The Complete Guide to National Symbols and Emblems. We are here for you to deflect all your worries. Most Disney moves use anthropomorphism. The key idea behind personification is to assign traits to something other than a human being. Personification is a technique used by writers to imbue non-human things, such as animals and ideas, with human characteristics such as emotions and behaviors. Think about the animal spirits used in many popular fantasy stories, which are often portrayed as a metaphysical extension or spiritual complement of their human companions. Thanks to figurative language, you can make use of personification in your writing to engage readers with vivid images, heighten the drama and make the narrative come to life.

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